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1985 50c


First Year of Raphael Maklouf Portrait on Australian Currency.
The change arrived with little fanfare, Australian Coin Review only doing one quick article, well part of columnist Greg McDonald's section anyway. The feeling seemed to be it provided more variety to collect and that was about it, no other mention at all.

The 1985 50c is one of the slightly harder issues to obtain and since it is the first year of the new portrait could be considered a key coin for any 50c collection.
The very low amount released into circulation along with the Australian passion for hoarding commemorative issues means this can make it difficult to obtain in top grade, try for ex-mint set versions if possible.

Nominal Specifications

Denomination: 50 cents
Metal: 75% Copper
25% Nickel
Mass: 15.55 grams
Diameter: 31.50 mm
Reverse: Stuart Devlin
Obverse: Raphael Maklouf


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