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2000 Millennium 50c, Incused Flag Variety


In 2000 to celebrate the Millennium a commemorative 50c designed by Australian Vladimir Gottwald was released by the Royal Australian Mint.
The reverse has a stylised Australian Flag with "MILLENNIUM" and "50 CENTS" surrounding.
Circa 2004 it was noticed that there was two different Union Jacks in circulation, the normal and incuse flag designs as they have become known. There is also slight differences in the way the stars are formed as well. The incuse flag is the much scarcer of the 2 varieties and was originally thought to be design used on the colourised proof of that year. Inspection of the proof coins disproved that theory as the colourised proofs are flat with no design stamped into the metal surface of the coin, rather the Union Jack is just, (for want of a better word), painted on the proof version.

2000 Australian Millennium 50c
Normal Issue

2000 Australian Millennium 50c
Incused Flag Variety
The Incused Flag Variety has the centre and Cross of St Andrews incused, this is when the coin's design impressed on the coin so that the pattern sinks into the flan. (The opposite of relief)

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2000 Australian Millennium 50c

2000 Australian Millennium 50c

Nominal Specifications

Denomination: 50 cents
Metal: 75% Copper
25% Nickel
Mass: 15.55 grams
Diameter: 31.50 mm
Reverse: Vladimir Gottwald
Obverse: Ian Rank-Broadley