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Hungary Gold

1892 Hungary 20 Korona

.900 Gold

Many of Hungary's coins have used the same denominations as Austrian coins, because of its close association. Amongst the most easily encountered Hungarian coins are the Korona series issued from 1892 to 1918.
It first acquired its own identity under the Magyars in the ninth century. Since then, it has repeatedly been invaded by the Turkish, preferring eventually to opt into the Austro-Hungarian Empire ruled by the Habsburgs to avoid further Turkish invasions. After the first world war Hungary lost much of its territory. In 1918 it became a republic, in 1919 it was a communist state, and the monarchy was restored in 1920.
During the second world war, Hungary was a nazi supporter, and was occupied by Germany. Russia drove out the Germans in 1945 and assisted local communists to seize power, becoming a Russian Soviet satellite in 1949 under a new constitution. On 23rd. October 1989 Hungary became the Independent Republic of Hungary.

1878 Belgium 20 Franc Gold Coin Reverse

1878 Belgium 20 Franc Gold Coin Obverse

The obverse depicts a standing figure of King Franz Josef I, ( Born:1830 - Died:1916 ), surrounded by his titles in Hungarian.
The reverse features the Hungarian royal arms with MAGYAR KIRALYSAG, Hungarian Kingdom, around the top. At the bottom of the arms is the mintmark KB, for the Kormoczbanya mint. Below this is the denomination 20 KORONA.



Composition: .900 Gold
Gold Content: 0.1960 oz
Edge: Raised Edge Lettering
Weight: 6.775 grams
Size: 21.0 mm
Chard Tax Free Gold

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