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France Gold Francs

1907 French Rooster 20 Franc Gold

.900 Gold

The first franc was a gold coin struck in 1360 when King John was freed. It showed King John in armour on horseback, and was known as a franc à cheval. The word franc meaning free, but also referring to the Frankish people. Franc coins fell into disuse after 1642, until they were revived during the revolutionary period in 1795, when a decimal currency system was introduced. This was the world's first decimal currency system, although America had proposed it in 1781.
French Gold Roosters were issued from 1899 to 1914. Roosters dated 1907 to 1914 have been officially re-struck since thus can be obtained in Unc condition at close to bullion price.

1907 French Rooster 20 Franc Gold Coin Reverse

1907 French Rooster 20 Franc Gold Coin Obverse

This coin's obverse pictures the bust of the Republic, REPUBLIQUE FRANÇAISE surrounds the figure at the sides.
The reverse has the Gallic cock encircled by the motto LIBERTE EGALITE FRATERNITE. The denomination flanks the rooster's legs. The date 1907 is at the bottom and is flanked by the privy marks of a torch and a cornucopia.
The edge lettering on this coin reads DIEU PROTEGE LA FRANCE.



Composition: .900 Gold
Gold Content: 0.1867 oz
Edge: Raised Edge Lettering
Weight: 6.4516 grams
Size: 21.0 mm
Chard Tax Free Gold

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