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Denmark Gold

1911 Denmark 20 Kroner Gold

.900 Gold

Denmark was a strong Viking kingdom around 1000 who controlled great masses of land and people including Iceland, Greenland, Britain, and Norway. Sweden and Finland were added in later years but Britain got loose from Danish control. Denmark occupied outposts in India and the East Indies for many years. In the succeeding centuries, Finland and Sweden gained independence and Norway became part of a joint kingdom with Sweden. Other territory was ceded to Prussia (Schleswig-Holstein) and they sold the Danish West Indies (Virgin Islands) in 1914. Iceland became independent in 1944. Before World War II, Denmark signed a non-aggression treaty with Germany which was broken months later when the Nazis invaded and occupied Denmark.

1911 Denmark 20 Kroner Gold Coin Reverse

1911 Denmark 20 Kroner Gold Coin Obverse

The obverse features a bust of King Frederick VIII (Born 1843-Died 1912). The legend FREDERIK VIII DANMARKS KONGE, Frederick VIII Danish King, surrounds the bust.
The reverse has the Danish royal arms with the denomination 20 KRONER at the bottom, flanked by the date 1911 on the left and the heart privy mark and the mintmaster's initials VBP for Vilhelm Buchard Poulsen on the right.



Composition: .900 Gold
Gold Content: 0.2592 oz
Edge: Reeded
Weight: 8.9606 grams
Size: 23.0 mm
Chard Tax Free Gold

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