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Germany Gold

1912 Prussia 20 Mark Gold

.900 Gold

TA major event in German history was the defeat of France in the Franco-Prussian War in 1871, making Germany a world power. It was during this war that, in 1870, Prussian Prime Minister Otto von Bismarck orchestrated the unification of the German states. The German Empire was established under Prussian leadership with Bismarck as Chancellor and Wilhelm I as emperor. Wilhelm II, the last of the Hohenzollern dynasty, became Emperor of Germany (Kaiser) in 1888 and ruled until Germany's defeat in World War I.
After defeat in World War I, Germany was forced to give up the Danzig Corridor to Poland and Danzig once again became a free city. This caused the province of East Prussia to be separated from the rest of Germany. The Rosenberg District was at this time contained in East Prussia.
After Germany's defeat in World War II, West Prussia and East Prussia were divided by Poland and the Soviet Union. Part of East Prussia around Köningsberg is now part of Russia and is known as Kaliningrad.
The most prolific state for issuing coins was Prussia, as the largest, wealthiest and most influential, so that the most commonly encountered German gold coins are the 20 mark pieces of Prussia, 10 marks and 5 mark coins were also produced, but in smaller quantities. These were issued from 1871 to 1915.

1912 Prussia 20 Mark Gold Coin Reverse

1912 Prussia 20 Mark Gold Coin Obverse

This coin's obverse depicts Kaiser Wilhelm II (Born 1859-Died 1941). The A under the bust is the mintmark for the Berlin mint.
The German legend says WILHELM II DEUTSCHER KAISER KONIG V. PREUSSEN, Wilhelm II German Kaiser King of Prussia.
The reverse pictures the German imperial coat of arms with DEUTSCHES REICH, German Empire, and the date 1912 on the sides and the denomination below.
The edge has incuse cinquefoils and leaves with the incuse lettering GOTT MIT UNS



Composition: .900 Gold
Gold Content: 0.2304 oz
Edge: Edge Lettering
Weight: 7.965 grams
Size: 22.5 mm
Chard Tax Free Gold

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