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Austria Gold

1915 Austrian 4 Ducat Gold

.986 Gold

Ducats were issued by Austria in 1612, and probably earlier. The last regular issue of 4 ducats was in 1914. All the 4 ducats dated 1915 are re strikes, of which there were 496,501 struck between 1920 and 1936. Four ducat coins dated 1915 are still being produced by the Austrian Mint as official re strikes. There is some tradition in Austria for issuing commemorative coins posthumously.
4 Ducats are produced in high purity gold, 233/4 carats, making them among the highest purity gold coins ever issued for circulation. As ducats have inherited their design and appearance from medieval gold coins, they are very thin compared with modern coins, at just 0.7 mm thick.
Collectors should note that these beautiful coins are a bullion issue, not having any real value in a numismatic sense.

1915 Austrian Gold 4 Ducat Reverse

1915 Austrian Gold 4 DucatObverse
Still growing

The obverse is the bust, facing right, of Emperor Franz Joseph I, who was born in 1848, and died in 1916 with the inscription FRANC IOS I D G AUSTRIAE IMPERATOR.
The reverse has the arms of Austria superimposed upon a crowned double-headed Imperial eagle with the inscription HUNGAR BOHEM GAL LOD ILL REX A A 1915



Composition: .986 Gold
Gold Content: 0.4430 oz
Edge: Reeded
Weight: 13.9636 grams
Size: 40.0 mm
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