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Turkey Gold

1962 Turkey 100 Kurush Gold

22 Carat Gold

The world's first coins were Greek coins made in Lydia about 640 BC, but the area of Lydia is now in present day Turkey, so that the relationship between Turkey and gold coins dates back over 2,000 years .
Since 1899 Turkey has issued Monaies De Luxe. These were intended for presentation purposes or jewelry. They are issued at a slightly lower weight than their normal counterpart denominations, but the same alloy fineness, and of larger diameter but thinner, and from more ornate dies.
The names kurush and piastre are interchangeable. Some catalogues show denominations in kurush, others in piastres.

1962 Turkey 100 Kurush Monaies De Luxe Reverse

1962 Turkey 100 Kurush Monaies De Luxe Obverse

The obverse features the bare head of General Kemal Ataturk, national hero and President of Turkey for a time. Australians will remember him as the commander of the Turkish forces in Gallipoli, where to this day a statue of him stands.



Composition: .9166 Gold
Gold Content: 0.2069 oz
Edge: Reeded
Weight: 7.016 grams
Size: 30.0 mm
Chard Tax Free Gold

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