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South Africa Gold

1972 Gold Proof 1 Rand

22 Carat Gold

This coin was issued by the Republic of South Africa under the Afrikaner regime.
The country had a long tradition of gold coinage going back to the days of the Boer Republic through the years of the Union to the present.
Gold 1 Rands were produced from 1961 to 1983 when they were superseded by the 1/10 oz Krugerrand which was introduced in 1980.

South African 1 Rand Proof Reverse

South African 1 Rand Proof Obverse

The obverse pictures a half facing bust of Jan van Riebeck (Born 1619 - Died 1689), founder of the first Dutch settlements in South Africa in 1652 , with the nation's motto in both Afrikaans and English.
The reverse features a springbok with the nation's name in the two languages, the date above the springbok, and the denomination below.



Composition: .917 Gold
Gold Content: 0.1177 oz
Edge: Reeded
Weight: 3.991 grams
Size: 19.00 mm
Finish: Proof
Chard Tax Free Gold

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