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Gold Panda

2002 Chinese Gold Panda 1/10 oz

24 Carat Gold

China has issued coins for over two thousand years, including gold coins. In 1982 it introduced gold bullion coins known as pandas in convenient one ounce sizes with fractions and multiples. The premium charged on pandas by the Chinese mint is higher than that charged for krugerrands or most other gold bullion coins. Although this may make them slightly less attractive, it does not appear to have deterred collectors.
Gold pandas were extremely successful when they were first introduced, panda mania continued for several years, peaking about 1987, since then issue quantities have dropped and many dates are not easy to find

2002 Chinese Gold Panda 1/10 oz Reverse

2002 Chinese Gold Panda 1/10 oz Obverse

Each year the reverse design of the panda is changed, which makes the panda series more interesting to collectors. The 2002 reverse depicts the picture of a Bamboo grove Panda
The obverse design features The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests of the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, the title of the PRC and the issuing year.


Composition: 99.99 Gold
Gold Content: 0.100 oz
Edge: Reeded
Weight: 3.11 grams
Size: 17.95 mm