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Dealers Newsletters

Dealers often do "numismatic circulars", these are just glorified for sale lists in most cases but can sometimes contain interesting snippets of information.
These can come in electronic form like emails and pdf files, they can also come by mail.
This is by no means comprehensive but shows a sample of what was and is now available.


PO Box 550
NSW 1485
Ph:02 9588 7111
Fax: 02 9588 6111

KJC Coins

Perth Mint

Perth Mint

PO Box 6297
East Perth WA
Ph: 1800 098 817
Fax: 08 9225 5012
Perth Mint

Rare Coin Company

PO Box 829
Albany, WA
Ph: 1800 811 120
Fax: 08 98426273
Essential Money
Mint Issue

Royal Australian Mint's
Mint Issue

Denison St
Deakin ACT 2600
Ph 1300 652 020
Royal Australian Mint

Downies & Sherwood

255-259 Johnston St
VIC 3067
Ph: 03 9419 7588
Fax: 03 9416 3385

These guys are the "Time-Life" of coin marketing.
They send quite regular pamphlets for everything from the latest mint issue to the new legal tender coin for some Pacific atoll that is going to be underwater in 10 yrs time due to global warming.
Don't get me wrong, with Downies you will never be left guessing what all the new issues are right now.
They also have some kind of rewards point arrangement.
Downies & Sherwood Money
International Numismatics Money Matters

International Numismatics

PO Box 14567
Melbourne City Mail Centre
VIC 8001
Ph: 03 9326 6988
Fax: 03 9326 6744