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The Bug or C.A.A.A.

This is a thread taken from the now defunct Royal Australian Mint's Forum

For those of you new to this hobby, this is what you may be letting yourself in for, but forewarned is forearmed right ?
( All items below are published without permission and probably infringe on several copyrights ! )

Welcome To The Inaugral Meeting Of C.A.A.A
Coin-aholic Anonomyous Australia.

Hi , My name is Cruzi and I'm a Coin-aholic.
Its been 173 hours since my last coin.
It started with just the occasional 50c piece in my change, before long I had moved on to $1 coins but this wasn't enough. Next I moved on to Proof coins, buying them from dealers who pushed harder coins onto me. It was a quick spiral downward from there, my wife came home one day and found me in the middle of the floor surrounded by florins and shillings. I soon found these didn't satisfy me and started buying soveriegns, hanging out with dealers, even selling coins to pay for my habit. My life was ruled by the desire to get even harder coins, I even did a comparison on investment returns on a 1889 Proof soveriegn and a rental property.
But now I see the error of my ways and have founded CAAA to help me through this difficult time.
PS. I notice that the RAM has released another $1 coin with 'S' mint mark, just one more won't hurt, I mean its only a $1 coin, just 1, I promise....

Posted - 10 May 2002 : 09:18:33

Yes, yes, too.....I'm a,a,a
There I said it. Great Cruzi I'm out of the closet, no, no the vault, I'm out of the vault. I think that there should be warnings printed on the sides of mint box sets

"WARNING: Colecting coins can be bad for your finacial and mental health. The RAM promotes responsible collecting. If you think your having trouble call
1800-C O I N S-C O I N S

Do you realise that on friday arvo's at the RAM they have "unhappy hour" It's for poor sodds like us. A place where you can swap a schooner of Tooheys Old for a dollar coin and the mint workers go home pissed and we go home blubering about having another spot filled in the album.
I think it is the responsibility of the federal Government and the RAM to set up a few "Change rooms". Places where people like us who have been struck down by this demoned disease once hobby. The "changerooms" could be places where you can go and sit for a couple of hours and just fumble a bit of loose change. While leaving your, (and heaven forbid I even say this)leave your Macca's 9th edition at the front desk in a locked draw!!!!!!!!!
Then for the more hopless case's like yourself there would be the decompression chamber, the chamber of horrors. Where you can go and roll naked in a whole room full of UNC soveriegns which seems like fun at first until you realise that you've got no pockets. Slowly but surely you go totally crazy. Shaking, tremons cold sweats, the whole kit kaboodle. Then when you leave from the room, a couple of big burley Main-Nickless security guards are on hand to bash you with big rubber cold turkeys
Then as you leave "The establishment" they band-aid a Luna Park fun token to your arm to slowly release tiny amounts of synthetic currency into your system over the period of the day to try and wean you off this hidious sickness. Your then driven home in an ArmourGaurd van to sweat it out. Goodluck

Posted - 10 May 2002 : 12:16:22

It's a curse for sure, I was at the RAM a couple of weeks ago and what was I doing? I was feeding $2 coins into a machine ,and it was spitting out $1 coins in return!!!! Now that's what I call an addiction

Posted - 14 May 2002 : 11:17:42

My God, I've only been at this for 3 months, and I thought I was the only one with this problem. I've given up drinking, gambling but not smoking because of it.

Have I changed TWO forms of addiction for another ? My son thinks I mad, but with his birthday coming up soon, I might just give him a "2001 The Future".

This reminds me of "The One who Flew Over The Cookcoo's Nest" - everyone one else is mad except me !!!!

Posted - 16 May 2002 : 11:54:04

I don't have a problem. I don't have a problem. I don't have a problem. I don't have a problem. I don't have a problem. I don't have a problem. I don't have a problem. I don't have a problem. I don't have a problem. I don't have a problem. I don't have a problem. I don't have a problem. I don't have a problem. I don't have a problem.

Posted - 20 Nov 2002 : 16:17:25


Posted - 20 Nov 2002 : 16:48:32

I'm only new to the forum, but I finally realise that there are others like me. Twisted, hopelessly addicted addicts who battle against a long suffering family who find I have spent our food money on just one more mint set. And worse... I have led others astray. Each year I take a bus full of young teenagers and introduce them to the RAM in Canberra. Openly telling them that spending $2 on a $1 coin is OK. Oh, I remember the '97 trip when I convinced them all to buy a Smithy dual coin set for $3.95 - if only I could go back and buy all of them back now.....

Posted - 20 Nov 2002 : 17:30:20

I don't have a problem either!!! Just because I surf the net all day looking at coin auctions and contributing to coin forums doesn't mean I'm addicted. Just because I can't stop bidding for coins when I have no cash, doesn't mean I have a numismatic dependence.

Posted - 20 Nov 2002 : 18:52:53

Disease??? Addiction??? Who me??? no way jose............................
well maybe just a little addiction, but i can stop whenever i want to.... really i can..... honest.....i can stop like that.
one coin wont hurt..... just one more.
really my darling wife.....aaarrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
i should have taken up crocheting, or knitting...

Posted - 20 Nov 2002 : 21:23:29

I too must fess up.
Gee that felt good. It is so good to know I am not a total freak who spends all his internet hours up on this forum, the auction sites and trying to suss out new sources in the way of net sites to feed my addiction.
Sometimes think I should be an alcoholic it would be cheaper.
To all my fellow addicts remember when the wife isn't looking her cash stash is fair game

Just kidding honey I would never do that

Posted - 20 Nov 2002 : 22:30:42

I thought I had other addictions, but they seem sooo unimportant now that I've discovered coins. Thinking about it, I dont have a problem with being an addict, and no - I'm not about to stop. I can put up with living on less food, wearing tattered rags for clothes, walking barefoot, not paying for hair cuts or razor blades for shaving!If Im not an addict yet, hanging round this forum wont help - not that i blaming anyone!

Posted - 21 Nov 2002 : 14:29:34

can't talk now..very busy trying to extricate the $20 i ratholed up my wahzoo to pay for a mint set from estonia!?!?!...

Posted - 29 Nov 2002 : 23:07:19

OK, It's 9pm on a Friday night and I'm flicking through the phone book planning a country run of SW regional post offices on Monday morning.

I may have a small coin collecting problem.

My wife is getting to the stage of saying that every time I mention the word "coin" I have to put a dollar in a jar. Luckily one of the mint rolls of $1 coins I got from the post office today wasn't unc outback dollars.