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Dedicated to All Coin Collectors' Wives

Author Unknown

Found this here

Here's a saying that you have all heard before, I think,
"Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink."
Shipwrecked people shout it, as they drift upon the sea,
It sure is bad, but the saddest cry I heard in my whole life,
Is the one you hear, when you lend an ear, to the Coin Collector's Wife.

Money, money everywhere, but not a dime to spend,
If this keeps up, our marriage is coming to an end.
Money in every dresser drawer and money on the shelf,
But there isn't one thin dime to spend upon myself.
Lincoln cents and Mercury dimes, and Washington quarters, too !
Some of them are old and worn, and some of them are new.
I wish my husband cared as much about the way I look. . . .
The paycheck that he gets doesn't seem to mean a thing to me,
'cause hubby needs a 1909-S Lincoln VDB.
As soon as he gets the coin, he'll be looking for some other
I think I'd be better off if I went on home to mother.
One day in desperation, I took half a dollar
He said it was a commemorative, and you should have heard him holler !

Another time I took a coin that he said was a "proof"
When I told him I spent it, I thought he'd raise the roof !
With all that money in the house, we're really very poor
I'm getting sick and tired of it, of that I'm really sure !
So, I advise you, single girls, if you want a happy life
Don't marry a coin collector and be a Coin Collector's Wife,
Shouting,"Money money everywhere and not a dime to spend"
Don't ever let a coin collector be more than just a friend.