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Journal of the Numismatic Association of Australia

Numismatic Association of Australia
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P. O. Box 3664
SA 5067
Volume 1 July 1985 Australian Coinage 1919-1924, John Sharples

Michael Magner V.C, Anthony Staunton

Coins from the Zuytdorp, Stan Wilson

Centenary of Education Medalets for NSW, Byatt & Mira

Victoria's Victory, Reg Williams

The £1000 Conundrum, Alan Nicholson

The Burns, Philip Pacific Island (Note) Issue, Mark Freehill

The 1880 Melbourne International Exhibition Foundation Stone Medal, John Sharples

The Love Token of Thomas Alsop, Peter Lane
Michael Meszaros, The Man & His Medals, Ray Jewell

Catalogue of the Le Souef Collection, A M Le Souef

A History of the Victorian State Numismatic Collection, John Sharples

Australian High Value Superscribe Notes, Mick Vort-Ronald

A Note on the Union Bank of Australia's Two Pound Note, T J Hart

The Incuse Staters of Telys of Sybaris, P Bicknell

The "Tea Stores" Tokens & their connection with S.Peek T May

The Ovalau Medals, W J Mira

List of Foundation Members & Their Numbers.
Volume 2 1986
Volume 3 1987 The 1930 Penny, John Sharples

The "Defender of the Faith". Controversy of 1953, Murray Pearce

The Shanghai Municipal Medal of 1937, W J Mira

The Tichborne Claimant Medal, Peter Lane

A Good Luck Medallion from Kalgoorlie, John Melville-Jones

Medals of the Royal Society of Tasmania, Roger McNeice

The Prince of Wales Specimen Notes, Mick Vort-Ronald

The Wappenmunzen, Chris Haymen

"Napoleon Le Petit" Napoleon III, William Fleming
The MacRobertson (Victorian) Centenary Air Race, Ray Jewell

The St. Kilda Bowling Club Medal, Dr John Chapman

Horticultural Society of NSW, Les Carlisle

The Association Fire Insurance Companies Fire Brigade Medal, Peter Lane

A Lead trial piece of the Fifth Century BC from Greek Southern Italy, P Bicknell

Australia's First Notes: The Superscribed Note (Printers Trials), Alan Nicholson

The Kangaroo Office a Nineteenth Century Sting, John Sharples

John Craven Thornthwaite Australia's first Medallist & Token Maker, George Dean

Olof Hilmer Hedberg-Sailor, Emigrant Whaler, Merchant & Fireman-Token Issuer of Hobart Town, Roger McNeice

Some thoughts on Yelland on Andrews, Len Henderson

Cheque Collecting in Australia: A Collector's Overview, Mick Vort-Ronald
Volume 4 1988
Volume 5 1990 Etruria, Robert King

Hay Internment Camp Notes, Mick Vort-Ronald

On Collecting Commonwealth Coins, John Sharples

English Hammered Coinage & Medieval Trade, Gillian Farrington-Davis

An Antoninianus of Postumus & The Gallic Mints Re-considered, R Carson

The Drachms of Himera with Astragalos Reverse, Peter Bicknell

History of Gippsland Tokens, Tilo Junge

Fame for a Forger, Alistair Gibb

A New Ohlefsen Medallion in Sydney, K Sheedy

An Early Invasion Japanese Currency Banknote

"Eddy", Colin Thomas

Numismatic Literature, Colin Pitchfork

The Computer in Numismatics, Colin Pitchfork

Fireman Hero, Roger McNeice

Badges of the NSW General Strike, 1917, Greg Smith
The 1854 Products of NSW Medal, S Davies

The Killora Resolution & Adventure Medal, Peter Lane

Australian Penny Reverse Master Dies of George V, John Sharples

An Australian/Lithuanian Medallion, Ray Jewell

The Great Exhibitions, An Introduction, John Lancaster

A Bronze Medal Presented by the Gawler Agricultural, Horticultural & Floricultural Society, D Jones

The Star Replacement Notes of King George VI, Mick Vort-Ronald

Token Issues of S. Hague-Smith, Auckland, George Dean

The Stare in Pompey's Eye, Peter Bicknell

The National Rifle Association's American Fleet Rifle Shooting Medal, Sydney, 1908, E Jewell

Sydney 1908 & The Royal Australian Mint 1992-The Year Ahead, S Whitbread

Media Release from Royal Australian Mint - One and two cent coins
Volume 6 1992
Volume 7 1993 Raymond Thomas Nunne Jewell 1927-1992, Obituary

Catalogue of Victorian Trade Tokens, John Sharples

Another Thomas Alsop Love Token, Peter Lane.
Variation of Die Types of Australian Pennies 1937-1964, Paul Holland

An Himera Mystery, Peter Bicknell

The Baudin Medals of King George Sound WA, Peter Lane

Elizabethan Numismatics, Gillian Farington-Davis

Proposals for Australian Silver Coinage 1873 to Post Federation, Len Henderson

The Tasmanian Bank, Mick Vort-Ronald

The Adelaide Royal Bank, Mick Vort-Ronald

An interview with the finder of the Killora Resolution and Adventure Medal, Peter Lane

Perth Mint Proof Record Coins 1940-1954, John Sharples

A Very Friendly Society, Melvin Williams
Volume 8 1995
Volume 9 1998 John Gartner 1914-1998, Obituary

Master Die Types of the Australian Halfpennies, Paul Holland

The Family of Hugh Peck, Token Issuer, Len Henderson

An English Naval Stores Token mistaken for a convict token, Peter Lane

The Solution of the Charlotte Enigma, Dr John Chapman

The role of a French Ecú in the Colonization of Western Australia, Walter Bloom

The First Australian Horse Exposition 1870, Les Carlisle

Australian Army Long and Meritorious Service Medal Combinations, David Matthews

Alfred Ronalds and his Victorian Separation Medal, Dr John Chapman

Scottish currency substitutes and the Thistle Bank, Colin Meikle
The Actual Tribute Penny, Peter Lewis

The Tribute Penny in the Gospel of Thomas, Peter Lewis

Only Six Came Back: A Sandakan Coffee Token and a Story of Infamy, William Mira

Bronze Coinage at the Perth Mint 1951-1953: The Transition to Working Die Production, Paul Holland

Antarctic Service Medallion, J O'Connor

Serrati Numi, Len Henderson
Volume 10 1999
Volume 11 2000 Michael Meszaros, Sculptor and Medallist 1986 to the Present, Michael Meszaros & Peter Lane

The Printing of Australia's First Distinctive Banknote Revisited, Alan Flint

Date Numeral Varieties of the 1952 Perth Mint Pennies, Paul Holland

Medicina in Aere, A history of Health in Medals, Coins and Tokens, Major General John Pearn

Another French Ecú Surfaces in Western Australia, Walter Bloom

Contemporary Evidence for the Siege Coins: Herannus Hugo's Journal on The Siege of Breda of 1624-1625, Richard O'Hair & Antionette Tordesillas

British Coinage in Australia 1860-1910, Peter Donovan

The Brisbane Sunday School Union Medals, Melvin Williams

Obituary Stan Wilson 1920-1999, Walter Bloom
London Private Museums and their Tokens, Peter Lane & Peter Fleig

The Face of Christ on the Solidi of Justinian II, Peter Lewis

The Perth Mint "Mules" of 1955-1956, Paul Holland

Sorting out the Serial Numbers on Captain Cook's £1 Notes, Michael Vort-Ronald

The Wonthaggi Bread Tokens, Tilo Junge

A Religious Medallion from the Gilt Dragon, Walter Bloom

A Rare Colonial Military Award, David Matthews

Thomas Edward Hanley, Obituary
Volume 12 2001
Volume 13 2002 Aristocrats of Crime: The Hulk Token of Barrington and Digham, Richard O'Hair & Antionette Tordesillas

The 1933/2 Overdate Penny, Paul Holland

The Smithsonian Numismatic Cabinet: Friends in a Strange Place, Richard Doty

A Jetton Found Far From Home, Walter Bloom

The Great War Children's Peace Medal, Les Carlise & Peter Fleig

Obituary Ronald Mark Greig 1927-2001
Emergency Service Medals of Tasmania, Roger McNeice

The Origin of the Chi-Rho Monogram as a Christian Symbol, Peter Lewis

The 1925 Shilling, Jon Saxton

Numismatic Information from the Study of Coinage Errors, Paul Holland

The Gale Lectures:I Coins in History, II The Coins of Athens' Allies, Harold Mattingly
Volume 14 2003
Volume 15 2004 William Henshall: Maker of Holey Dollars and Dumps, Peter Lane & Peter Fleig

Sir William Dixon, Benefactor, Tom Hanley

Some Interesting Coins at ACANS, Andrew Burnett

New Acquisitions at ACANS 2000-2004, Kenneth Sheedy

Walter Roth and the Missing Manuscript, Barrie Reynolds
Perth Mint Proof Coins 1954-1963, Paul Holland

Observations on the Victoria Long Service Medal and Efficient Service Medal, David Matthews

Joseph Brickhill Revisited, William Mira
Volume 16 2005
Volume 17 2006 NAAC05 Opening Addresss, Peter Lane

Numismatics for a New Millenium: ICOMON's Possibilities, Richard Doty

Australian Pre-Decimal Bronze Coinage, Paul Holland

Portraiture and the Persians, Kenneth Sheedy

Ethnographic Currency: Exotic and Unconventional Forms of Money, Barrie Reynolds

Why did the Ancient Greeks Strike Coins?, John Melville-Jones

The Australasian Tradesmen's Tokens Project: The James Nokes Proof Halfpenny and Problems of the Kangaroo Office

Treasures of the Royal Agricultural Society of New South Wales Heritage Centre, Les Carlisle

What is a Proclamation Coin?, Andrew Crellin

The Recent Developments of Banknotes in Australia: Progress at Note Printing Australia, Alan Flint

Usurping a Usurper: The Revolt of Poemenius at Trier, Walter Holt

For Natives of New Found Lands: The Exploration Medal, Peter Lane

The Life and Coinage of Edward, The Black Prince, David Mee

The Coins of Jebel Khalid, a Hellenistic City in Syria, CEV Nixon

Hunt for Evidence of Henry VII Farthings in the Early Numismatic Literature, Richard O'Hair

Two Recent Hoards of Cistiphori, Colin Pitchfork

The Procession of Elagabalus and the Problem of the Parasols, Clare Rowan
Counterfeiting on the Bermuda Convict Hulk Dromedary, Christopher Addams

A Unique Gold Stater of the Bosporan King Asander, Sergei Vnukov and Sergei Kolalenko

The Wreath of Naxos and Some Thoughts on an Unwreathed Wreathed (?) Archaic Naxian Stater in ACANS, Kenneth Sheedy

The Iconography of War: The Leukippos and Alliance Coinages of Metapontum, Nikola Casule

Zeus Kasios and the Baetyl of Sydon: Two New Coins at ACANS, Clare Rowan

The Parramatta St John's Sunday School Medals, Les Carlisle

Obituary: Pat Boland 1921 - 2006

Obituary: William (Bill) D Bush: Generous Benefactor and Life Fellow

Obituary: Robert Carson in Australia

Obituary: William Gale 1934 - 2007: Founder of the Australian Centre for Ancient Numismatic Studies
Volume 18 2007