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Silver Kangaroos

1993 Coin Fair Frosted Uncirculated

99.9% Silver

1993 coin was the first release in the Royal Australian Mint's Silver Kangaroo Coin series and at the Sydney NAA Coin Fair held in November 1993 they released 5,000 Kangaroos in specially printed cards.
Unlike the standard bullion kangaroo coin, this special release featured interrupted milling on the edge and is the scarcer of the two.
Since the coin packaging consisted of little more than a serial number printed on the card, some less savory characters have produced "fakes". These consist of little more than a number stamped onto a normal card. Always ensure you check the milling before purchase.

The kangaroo is an icon that symbolizes Australia through out the world, not only because it stands on our coat of arms but also because its spirit of fighting to survive in one of the world's harshest climates, Australia.
The specimen coin has a 'reverse frosting' finish where the field is frosted to contrast with the highly polished raised design. It was distributed encapsulated and mounted on a colourful see-both-sides cardboard card protected by a plastic sleeve.

Featuring the powerful, yet simple image of a Red Kangaroo in full-flight, the 1993 $1 Silver Kangaroo is reminiscent of the classic pre-decimal penny. The raised polished image with frosted background was crafted by Horst Hahne, Chief Engraver at the Royal Australian Mint.

Nominal Specifications

Denomination: $1
Metal: 99.9% Silver
Silver Content: 1.00 oz
Mass: 31.6 grams
Diameter: 40.80 mm
Reverse: Horst Hahne
Obverse: Raphael Maklouf