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Silver Kangaroos

2003 Selective Gold Plated

99.9% Silver

Struck to celebrate the second decade of the internationally popular $1 Silver Kangaroo series. Produced using intricate plating and minting processes, this coin is a first for the Royal Australian Mint and presented in packaging that retains the warm red and ochre colours of the 2001 $1 Kangaroo coins, the 2003 coins are the third and final in the series that depict Aboriginal designs and the eleventh release in the Royal Australian Mint's Kangaroo Coin Series which began in 1993.
The reverse design of this $1 one Troy Ounce coin celebrates Australia's best known animal, the Kangaroo, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II features on the obverse.
This coin sold out at the Mint within 4 weeks and is highly sought after by collectors.
The method of making these coins presented some difficulties at the mint. The gold plating was applied to the blank and the press operator had to manually align the coin to the die, otherwise the die could miss the gold plating. They were having a few teething problems but in early 2005 the mint staff said they were getting a guide array to help remedy this.

Nice Shiny Coin Picture

Shiny Coin in a Box Picture
In a ground-breaking process for the Mint using specially treated blanks and intricate minting and plating processes, a gilded finish has been added to the central motif in Ray Thomas searing 2003 silver kangaroo design, further enhancing the detail of the image. The final result, personally approved by the artist, is a stunning showcase of Australian artistry and craftsmanship, melding the dreamlike imagery of Aboriginal culture with the precision of 21st century minting technology. Encapsulated in plastic, packaged in a special, plush presentation case, accompanied by a numbered certificate. The packaging uses typical Australian outback colours creating a distinctively Australian feel.
The kangaroo is an icon that symbolises Australia through out the world, not only because it stands on our coat of arms but also because its spirit of fighting to survive in one of the world's harshest climates, Australia.
Featuring a design by acclaimed Aboriginal artist Ray Thomas of the Gunnai people in Gippsland, Victoria, the coin depicts "Jirrah-Watty" – the Big Kangaroo – in full flight. With bold muscular line work underscoring the animal’s power and predominance, a delicate finish applied to the background envelopes the horizon in a shimmering heat haze, along with the distant silhouettes of another stalwart of the outback, the grass tree. Ray Thomas has spent many years researching his Gunnai people’s myths, legends, designs and body marks. The patterned line work and motifs are characteristic of the indigenous peoples throughout South-East Australia.
The raised polished image with frosted background was crafted by Vladimir Gottwald, Engraver at the Royal Australian Mint.

Nominal Specifications

Denomination: $1
Metal: 99.9% Silver
Silver Content: 1.00 oz
Mass: 31.6 grams
Diameter: 40.80 mm
Reverse: Ray Thomas / Vladimir Gottwald
Obverse: Ian Rank-Broadley