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Australian Silver Kangaroos

Issued From: 1993 - Present

These iconic coins enjoy great popularity with overseas collectors, the kangaroo is instantly identifiable and widely popular throughout the world. There was (is?) an arrangement in place between the RAM and a Russian Bank. Customers of the bank in Russia could purchase Silver Kangaroos over the counter, according to the 2003(?) article sales were going well. I personally have used Silver Kangaroos as gifts for people in Russia, Sahara Desert and Papua New Guinea Highlands and each recipient was extremely happy. In fact the gift of one kangaroo always seemed to result in orders for about a dozen or so more !

The Australian collectors spoiled for choice seem to neglect this series. Unlike most world 1 oz silver coins the standard of the Silver Kangaroos is extremely high. The Unc version is in fact a specimen issue coin, almost a "reverse proof". The low mintages especially when compared to the multi-million bullion coin issues of most countries make the kangaroos quite an attractive alternative.
Another fact that differentiates the kangaroos is actual silver content. The kangaroo coins actually contain slightly more than 1 oz of silver whilst the American Silver Eagles contain marginally less than 1 oz of silver. The article reference (CAB) will be put up for this soontm, we are only talking 0.01 oz or so.

Collectors of this series will note the difficulties in obtaining the early coin fair and proofs issues, especially the 1998 issue. Most of the 1998 proofs where issued in a capsule only, some where boxed in an unofficial issue.

There is a difference in the way mintages are noted here. In the McDonald's guide he ignores the cased and occasional capsule issues when taking into account mintage figures for Frosted Uncirculated versions. These are sold at Post Offices and some dealer issues as well. The claim being that they are not "Official" RAM products and therefore should not be included.

Using Annual reports from 1999-2000 to 2005-06 actual numbers of coins struck are shown here. For figures prior to 2000 the McDonald numbers are quoted.

Arnold Machin.
Year Frosted Unc Coin Fair
1993 FRUNC Silver Kangaroo Reverse
1993 72,853 5,000
1994 FRUNC Silver Kangaroo Reverse
1994 44,996 2,500
1995 FRUNC Silver Kangaroo Reverse
1995 72,850 2,500
1996 FRUNC Silver Kangaroo Reverse
1996 49,398
1997 FRUNC Silver Kangaroo Reverse
1997 72,850
Proof Kangaroos in boxed packaging were released in 1998.
Frosted Unc Proof
1998 FRUNC Silver Kangaroo Reverse 1998 Proof Silver Kangaroo Reverse
1998 49,398 7,645

Ian Rank-Broadley Portrait.
Frosted Unc Proof
1999 FRUNC Silver Kangaroo Reverse 1999 Proof Silver Kangaroo Reverse
1999 49,398 11,250
2000 FRUNC Silver Kangaroo Reverse 2000 Proof Silver Kangaroo Reverse
2000 42,638 9,972
2001 FRUNC Silver Kangaroo Reverse 2001 Proof Silver Kangaroo Reverse
2001 45,562 10,292
2002 FRUNC Silver Kangaroo Reverse 2002 Proof Silver Kangaroo Reverse
2002 32,376 7,813
In a ground-breaking process for the Mint using specially treated blanks and intricate minting and plating processes, a gilded finish was added to the Silver Kangaroo range in 2003.

Frosted Unc Proof Gold Plated
2003 FRUNC Silver Kangaroo Reverse 2003 Proof Silver Kangaroo Reverse 2003 Gilt Silver Kangaroo Reverse
2003 35,230 10,000 10,000
2004 FRUNC Silver Kangaroo Reverse 2004 Proof Silver Kangaroo Reverse 2004 Gilt Silver Kangaroo Reverse
2004 55,057 11,600 11,750
2005 FRUNC Silver Kangaroo Reverse 2005 Proof Silver Kangaroo Reverse
2005 26,146 8,300 8,123
2006 FRUNC Silver Kangaroo Reverse 2006 Proof Silver Kangaroo Reverse
2006 25,535 7,382 6,150
The Mint decided in 2007 to not sell the Silver Unc Kangaroo's directly to public, but only to dealers who placed orders for a minimum of 500, 3 large dealers placed orders of around 5,000 each and are now selling these at $25 above what the mint used to charge.

According to the RAM, the rise in silver price resulted in them releasing a copper-nickel version.
No longer going to cover the non-silver versions.

Frosted Unc Proof Gold Plated
2007 8,598 10,352 5,525
2008 6,802* 7,500* 5,463*
2009 5,153* 0,000 00,000
*Mintage Figures to 30th June 2008
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