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Australian Silver Kookaburra

1992 Silver Kookaburra Large Coin Collection

.999 Fine Silver

After the release of the Kookaburra in early 1991, the decision was announced to release the then largest legal tender coin, being the 1991 Proof 1 Kilogram Kookaburra. The 1,000 coins were quickly taken up by bullion houses and collectors alike.
In 1992 the first ever series of the large silver kookaburra bullion coins were released.
One Kilogram Silver Kookaburra
Ten Ounce Silver Kookaburra
Two Ounce Silver Kookaburra

The fully encapsulated coins carry the image of the inaugural Silver Kookaburra design and are presented in a black leatherette box.

To scale comparison of the 1 kilogram coin
to a normal 1 oz coin

Nominal Specifications

1 Kilogram 10 ounce 2 ounce
Denomination $30 $10 $2
Composition All Coins are 99.9% Silver
Silver Content 32.151 oz 10.00 oz 2.00 oz
Size 101.0 mm 75.5 mm 50.3 mm