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Australian Silver Kookaburras

Perth Mint

99.99% Silver

These coins are the only major legal tender, pure silver bullion coins to change their design each year. These features and their limited annual mintage give them potential for numismatic appreciation over time.
To be honest, there was no way to even an attempt to keep up with the amount of Kookaburras that were released.
These are popular with UK and US collectors, they are a high quality coin with often interesting themes attached. The best way to purchase these coins is to try to obtain them on the secondary market for around bullion price. This is an appealing and rewarding way in which to accumulate silver bullion at a price comparable to ingots and they are much more attractive.
A partial type set is depicted here, each coin size issued, 1 oz through to 1 Kilogram. Also a partial packaging display with raw, framed and boxed varieties also included.

Year Mintage Year Mintage
1990 Specimen UNC 300,000 1992 Large Coin Collection ?
2000 Victoria Cross 1,000 2003 Australians at War 2,500