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Australian Threepence

1910 Australian Silver Threepence

Sterling Silver

The series commenced in 1910 with a single year of issue which was struck at the Royal Mint London, the new Australian coins did not arrive in Australia until after King Edward VI 's death, so many people tended to keep these coins as a momento and can often be found in higher grades.


Blackmore's depiction of the Australian Coat of Arms which was granted by Edward VII in May 1908, used a shield which closely resembles the New South Wales Coat of Arms.
Grading the Edward VII portrait can be quite difficult as even well struck examples appear to be quite flat.


Composition: .925 silver
.075 copper
Silver Content: 0.0419 oz
Edge: Reeded
Weight: 1.41 grams
Size: 16.0 mm
Obverse: W.H.J. Blakemore
Reverse: George W De Saules