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Australian Threepence

1918 Australian Silver Threepence

Sterling Silver

In 1898 the British government granted permission for the colonial governments of New South Wales and Victoria to strike silver and bronze coins in the branch mints of Sydney and Melbourne but it was not until well after federation that the decision to proceed was announced. Australia had it's own currency since 1910, but these were made in England at either the Royal Mint , London or the Heaton Mint at Birmingham which was called upon in the early years of WWI , it was not until 1916 threepence were struck in Melbourne.


1918 was a tumultuous year with the Armistice being signed that ended WWI on the 11th November 1918, and our troops which had proven themselves since Gallipoli (1915), in their "Baptism of Fire" finally being able to return home. Unlike other countries Australian troops did not return home until they had been killed , wounded or the War ended.
This is one of only six years to carry the "M" mintmark denoting the Melbourne Mint, they were struck from 1916 to 1921 inclusive.


Composition: .925 silver
.075 copper
Silver Content: 0.0419 oz
Edge: Reeded
Weight: 1.41 grams
Size: 16.0 mm
Obverse: W.H.J. Blakemore
Reverse: Sir E.B. Mackennal