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Australian Threepence

1936 Australian Silver Threepence

Sterling Silver

The last year of Australian coins to carry the George V obverse, also the last year to carry the Coat of Arms reverse, ( as depicted here), which had been obsolete since 1912.
No coins where issued for Edward VIII, as he had gone against the tradition of facing opposite to his predecessor and wanted to face to the left to show the part in his hair. His objections lead to a delay in the preparation of dies thus they did not reach Australia before he abdicated. however there are known examples of 1937 threepences bearing his portrait, these are exceedingly rare and as such are out of reach for all but the most serious collector / investor.


Most of the Australian silver coins struck in 1936 are well struck and should be considered for any type collection. As a result of the intricate detail required in making these coins it is not unusual for the Federation Star as shown on the reverse not to be fully struck , the same also applies to the pearls in King George's crown.


Composition: .925 silver
.075 copper
Silver Content: 0.0419 oz
Edge: Reeded
Weight: 1.41 grams
Size: 16.0 mm
Obverse: W.H.J. Blakemore
Reverse: Sir E.B. Mackennal