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Australian $1 Coins

1985 Standard

In 1985 the Standard "Five Kangaroos" One dollar coin was made with a new obverse. The new obverse was by Raphael Maklouf and appeared on our circulating coinage until 1998.
This is the last standard coin to go into circulation until they are again released for circulation in 1994. There were some released in Mint Sets during that period.
1985 was the first year that the new $1 coin appeared in the Royal Australian Mint's proof and Uncirculated Sets, for reasons that are at this time unclear, the 1984 $1 never made it into the sets.
The 1985 coin will always be fairly common as the Mint had to produce very large numbers of this and the 1984 coin to replace the $1 note.

Nominal Specifications

Issues Released
Denomination: $1
Metal: 92% Copper
2% Nickel
6% Aluminum
Mass: 9 grams
Diameter: 25 mm
Mint Uncirculated Sets
Security Rolls
Mint Bags
Private Release
1992 5 Coin Set