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1995 Centenary of Waltzing Matilda

In 1895, A.B. "Banjo" Paterson was working as a journalist in the Queensland town of Winton. Local folklore says that during his stay he was told the story of a wanted swagman who had recently drowned by jumping into a billabong to escape arrest. This story, and other local tales about swagmen "waltzing their matildas", or carrying their swags, was the basis for the now immortal words of Waltzing Matilda.

Stranded at Dagworth Station by the Wet, Paterson put the words to a Scottish folk song, played on the Auto harp by his host. The song was first performed on 6 April 1895 at a local pub. It was an instant success and soon became the nation's favourite song.

This coin is the first presented in the three panel folder by the mint. This initial incarnation of the folder had mylar for the reverse of the coin but the obverse is open to the atmosphere allowing the coins within to tone. Finding perfectly untoned and lustrous coins can be quite difficult.
This has led to a rather high price for this coin, but remember, the high catalogue price only applies to perfect untoned coins, toned versions of this are much more common therefore attracting much discounted prices.

Nominal Specifications

Issues Released
Denomination: $1
Metal: 92% Copper
2% Nickel
6% Aluminum
Mass: 9 grams
Diameter: 25 mm
Mint Mark Folders
C Mintmark
S Mintmark
M Mintmark
B Mintmark