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2001 Centenary of the Australian Army

Towards the end of the 1800s Australia’s six colonies realised it would be difficult to defend the vast areas with such a small population. So it was not surprising that following Federation, one of the new government’s first actions was to unite the existing colonial troops into a single force.
Since its formation in March 1901, just after Federation, the Army has fought in every major world conflict of the 20th Century, most recently becoming involved in UN peacekeeping missions. The Australian Army has not just defended Australia but played an important role in protecting the rights of people in other countries. In 2001, we celebrate the Centenary of the Australian Army and the traditions forged by our troops over the years.

The $1 Aluminium Bronze Mintmark Coins proudly display a wonderfully crafted representation of the Army’s crest. Also referred to as the ‘rising sun’ crest, it actually depicts a seven-pointed semi-circle of swords and bayonets radiating from a crown.
Originally adopted for Australian contingents in the Boer War, it has been modified through the years. The crest sculptured on these magnificent mintmark coins was last amended for the Army’s 90th anniversary in 1991.

Nominal Specifications

Issues Released
Denomination: $1
Metal: 92% Copper
2% Nickel
6% Aluminum
Mass: 9 grams
Diameter: 25 mm
S Mintmark Folder
C Mintmark Folder
Tri-Service Folder
Postal Numismatic Cover