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Australian Florins

QEII Pre-Decimal Type Set

50% Silver

This set was produced by Sherwood just before they merged with Downies, still comes up from time to time.
Queen Elizabeth II acceded to the throne in 1952, following the death of King George VI.. The first Australian coins with her portrait are dated 1953, the year of her coronation. Two major changes were made to the obverse inscription. One change, deletion of the religious title ' F:D ' (Defender of the Faith), caused a controversy. The 1954 Royal Visit commemorative florin carried the ' F:D ' inscription, and by 1956 all denominations again had the lettering.

Last Pre-Decimal Year Coin Designs

Obverse design by Mary Gillick shows an uncrowned head of QEII,with edge inscriptions of the Royal Titles.
Reverse designs by George Kruger Grey & W H J Blakemore (Sixpence).
Pre decimal coins where last issued during 1963 - 1964, Australia converted to decimal currency on 14th February 1966, with the new dollar equal to 10 shillings.

The coins housed in this set consist of:
  • 1964 Halfpenny;
  • 1964 Penny;
  • 1964 Threepence;
  • 1963 Sixpence;
  • 1963 Shilling;
  • 1963 Florin.