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This site covers a wide range of Australian Coins from Australian Early Gold to Current Decimal Issues by the Royal Australian and the Perth Mints, with Commonwealth Pre-decimals covered along the way

This is not a comprehensive list of Australian Issues, but more of an online album, with some reference material included.

This reference material is sourced from many locations, websites, mints, dealers lists, coin magazines and finally books, there has been every attempt to credit the authors as much as possible and is still an ongoing process.

The information and especially pictures on this site are for educational purposes only, they are not to be used for any other purpose.

In the case of much of the information, if wishing to use it, permission must be sought from original authors.

Nothing is for sale, trade or swap, this is just a long tribute to coins and collecting. The collection was started many years ago, and over time has grown to what is seen here (and then some).

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Australian Pre-Decimal Currency

1910 - 1964

Australian Silver Florins

Australian Decimal Currency

1966 - Present

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