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1999 $1 UNC

Year of Older Persons

During 1999, the theme features on the $1 coin, representing the International Year of Older Persons (IYOP) logo. To raise awareness about older citizens’ contribution to society, Australia has adopted the motto "towards a society for all ages". The Coin and Stamp Pack for the United Nations International Year of Older Persons (IYOP) has a specially-prepared envelope with two stamps and houses the uncirculated $1 coin on a card

Packs consisting of a specimen quality 1999 Older Persons Dollar coin and two 45 cent International Year of Older Persons Postage Stamps were jointly issued by Australia Post and the Royal Australian Mint, Canberra on 11th February, 1999.

The postage stamps have been cancelled with a specially worded ink mark which reads "First Day of Issue 11 February 1999 Caloundra QLD 4551"
The stamps were designed by Lynda Warner from Hobart and the pack was designed by Belinda Marshall of the Australian Post Graphic Design Studio

Nominal Specifications

Denomination: $1
Metal:Aluminium Bronze
Mass: 9.0 grams
Diameter: 25.0 mm
Reverse: Woijciech Pietranik
Obverse: Ian Rank-Broadley