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Australian Postal Numismatic Covers

2001 Federation $1 and 1951 Federation Florin

Centenary Of Australia's First Federal Parliament

The first Federal Parliament was opened on 9th May 1901 by the Duke of Cornwall and York ( later King George V ) in Melbourne's Royal Exhibition Building. This issue commemorates the Centenary of the First Federal Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia.
Australia Post have used metallic inks, silver in the 45c and gold in the $2.45 stamps and contains a 2001 Federation $1 Coin along with a 1951 commemorative Florin.
This set was withdrawn from sale very quickly due to problems with the coins slipping in packaging

2001 $1 Centenary of Federation coin
The Specimen Unc $1 coin features the Centenary of Federation logo, which is designed in a style reminiscent of a signature to represent Australia's identity.
1951 50yrs of Federation Commemorative Florin
The crown, sword and the mace depicted on the coins reverse are symbolic of the British parliamentary traditions inherited by Australia. Stars of the Southern Cross constellation are another element of this coin and the Australian flag.

Metallic inks where used in the two mint stamps, silver in the 45c and gold in the $2.45 stamps.

Nominal Specifications

Denomination: $1
Metal: Aluminum Bronze
Mass: 9.0 grams
Diameter: 25.0 mm
Reverse: Woijciech Pietranik
Obverse: Ian Rank-Broadley