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Postal Numismatic Covers

First Day of Issue with Unc Coins

"These are one of the most spectacular performers of recent times, with many people tipping these will increase even further over the coming years."
The above was written circa 2001/2 and now (2009), the ship has well and truly sailed. Unfortunately the trend seems to be that anything in a postal cover is automatically worth more.
Collectors need to understand that if the coin is common, and more especially, available in other issues, the long term trend is ultimately downward.
If new to collecting, picking up new issues at release price is the best way to collect these, some of the earlier issues are most definitely fully valued, and most recent private issues are way over-priced.
Only one private issue has ever done well, the 1969 Yarralumla 50c Covers and the reason is quite simple: these are the only way of obtaining the very scarce 1969 Specimen 50c coin. Otherwise all other private issues are just a waste of money, you will go broke trying to collect them all.
PNC's or Philatelic Numismatic Covers or Postal Numismatic Covers popularity has waxed and waned over the years. Research would indicate these were popular around the late 60's to early 70's by the number of private releases around from that period, Lower Hutt and some other companies also were involved.
Then in the early 1990's the RAM decided to release these in conjunction with Australia Post. Since that time Australia Post, Perth Mint and Private Issuers have also decided to jump on the bandwagon.

Many of the coins in these covers are unique or of a scarcer type than their counterparts.
The 1994 set has the "wide-date" variety of the 50c,
1997 is the only way to get a 1997 dated Bradman $5 coin (other releases were 1996),
2000 Last Anzacs has the 1999 $1 coin but is dated 2000,
The 2002 set is the only way to obtain the 2002 Golden Jubilee 50c coin,
2003 Pack has Australia's only Al/Br 50c coin,
Finally the 2005 World Heritage Pack contains only release of 2005 Coat of Arms 50c.

Please forgive my tardiness with putting up recent issues and current mintages, hopefully they will be up Soontm

RAM / Australia Post

Mintage Year
1994 Year of The Family 148,393 1995 Weary Dunlop 93,915

1997 Sir Donald Bradman 275,000 1998 Bass & Flinders
ANDA Fair 30th Oct
ANDA Fair 31st Oct
ANDA Fair 1st Nov

1999 Year Of Older Persons 56,065 2000 The Last Anzacs 47,830
2000 Sydney Olympic Games - Athletics 30,000 2000 Sydney Olympic Games - Swimming 30,000

2000 Victoria Cross, For Valour Unknown 2001 Army Centenary 27,209

2002 QEII 50yrs Accession 32,102 2003 QEII Golden Jubilee 65,003

2005 Australian Open 000,000 2005 World Heritage 30,000
2005 Queen's Baton Relay 00,000 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games 00,000
2007 Ashes 000,000 2007 Lifesavers 00,000
* Denotes Mintage Figures up to end June 2004

Perth Mint / Australia Post

2004 Eureka Stockade 000,000 2005 Year of the Rooster
2006 Year of the Dog 000,000

Australia Post

2001 Parliament House 10,100* 2005 Kangaroo and Map Silver Ingot 5,000
* Actual number of coins made by RAM for pack, most packs were withdrawn and destroyed.

Private Releases

Nuphil Associates, Lower Hutt, Clubs, Etc.

1969 Nuphil Yarralumla Cover 1330 2001 75th Anniversary of Airmail To Pacific Islands 1000