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Australian Pre-Decimal Proofs

1963 Melbourne Mint

Florin, Shilling, Sixpence, Threepence.

These are the last proofs made by the Melbourne Mint, as The Royal Australian Mint was opening in Canberra and Australia's currency was decimalised in 1966. After assisting with the change over the mint closed in June 1968.
The collector proof set of 1963 was released as a 4 coin set.
In 1962 the Melbourne Mint changed from the 4 section sealed plastic packaging to a small plastic box for their proof sets, unfortunately these did not protect the coins very well

Some of the general pointers to look for to distinguish Melbourne proofs from the normal circulation strikes are:
  • The fields are flat with little of the light detraction caused by the normal rolled unpolished planchet for circulation strikes.
  • The rim is sharp and flat, with a definite right angle on the edge, - the Melbourne mint proofs often have a rim extrusion
  • The rim is sharp and flat, with a definite right angle on the edge, the circulation strikes are slightly rounded.
  • Examine the rim carefully as some Melbourne mint silver was struck with chrome plated dies so that they have reflective fields and can be confused with proofs, the circulation strikes are slightly rounded and often the extrusion is not all the way around.
  • The detail of the Queen's hair is always well struck and clearly defined.
  • The beads around the obverse are almost always perfect.