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1950 Australian Silver Shilling

.500 Silver

First of only 2 years with revised obverse legend. With India becoming an independent nation in 1947 the title "IND:IMP:", Emperor of India, the title first bestowed upon Queen Victoria, was no longer valid.
To make up the gap left by this omission, F.D. was expanded to FIDEI DEF.


Collectors should consider acquiring most of the King George VI series in Choice Uncirculated or better coins, these are still affordable with the greatest possible upside.
The George VI obverse is very difficult to grade, the rounded features, lower relief and the large variation to the degree in which this design is struck all add up to quite a challenge.
When looking at the Thomas Paget obverse the points to look at are:
  • The definition in the King's hair,
  • The King's cheek,
  • The top of the ear and at the top of the brow
  • Overall lustre, the fields, denticles and rim condition,
  • A weak strike shows in lack of definition of the hair, eye, mouth and nose.


Composition: .500 silver
.400 copper
.050 zinc
.050 nickel
Silver Content: 0.0908 oz
Edge: Reeded
Weight: 5.65 grams
Size: 23.5 mm
Obverse: Thomas H Paget
Reverse: George Kruger Gray