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1958 Australian Silver Shilling

.500 Silver

The 1958 shilling is the third lowest mintage of the Queen Elizabeth II shilling series.


Collectors should consider aquiring most of the Queen Elizabeth II series in Gem coins, these are still affordable with the greatest possible upside. Coins Extra Fine and below are considered little more than bullion coins.
When looking at the Ram's head reverse the points to look at are:
  • The ram's forehead,
  • The nose,
  • The tip of the right horn,
  • The whole coin should be considered when grading including lustre, the fields, denticles and rim condition.
  • A weak strike shows in the lack of definition in the wool on the forehead and the first bulge under the chin, the forehead can even appear to be flat, there may also be a lack of definition in the horns.


Composition: .500 silver
.400 copper
.050 zinc
.050 nickel
Silver Content: 0.0908 oz
Edge: Reeded
Weight: 5.65 grams
Size: 23.5 mm
Obverse: Mary Gillick
Reverse: George Kruger Gray