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Australian Silver Proof Dollars

1990 Masterpieces in Silver

.925 Sterling Silver

The third of what has become an annual Masterpieces in Silver issue by the Royal Australian Mint, this set consists of 3 Sterling Silver Proof 'restrikes' of Australia's three dollar reverse design types issued between 1984 and 1989, together with a silver ingot fashioned in the shape of the superceded dollar note and stamped with the issue number of the set, representing all of the one dollar issues since decimalization in 1966 up to 1990.
One point of interest, the 1988 design was one of the designs originally being considered for the $1 coin when they were being introduced, in the end, the Kangaroo design, which is based on a 1979 $100 collector coin which was never released, was chosen.
The reverse designs depicted in the set are:

1990 Masterpieces in Silver Standard Design $1
This is Australia's first dollar coin design, originally minted in 1984 to replace the $1 note. It is still in regular use.
Designer : Stuart Devlin
1990 Masterpieces in Silver 1986 International Year Of Peace $1
In 1986 the Royal Australian Mint issued this special design to commemorate the International Year of Peace.
Designer: Horst Hahne
1990 Masterpieces in Silver $1 Obverse
All coins have the Raphael Maklouf obverse dated 1990 which was first introduced onto Australian Currency in 1985.
1990 Masterpieces in Silver 1988 $1
1988 was Australia's Bicentanary. This special dollar was designed to commemorate the year and Australia's Aboriginal art heritage.
Designer: Stuart Devlin

The ingot or plaque was modelled by Horst Hahne, inspired by Gordon Andrews, featuring Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. From 1966 to 1984 the only Australian dollar was a note, as this design depicts.

Each plaque is consecuitively numbered and manufactured in sterling silver (92.5% silver and 7.5% copper) and weighs 40.5 grams with dimensions of 30mm x 60 mm x 2.5 mm.

1990 Masterpieces in Silver $1 Ingot

Of the 25,000 sets offered for sale, this is one of the 2,500 released at the Sydney International Coin Fair held in November, 1990.
The set is housed in an attractive box, with an Certificate of Authenticity.

The standard issue mintage limit was not reached with a total of 17,462 sets actually sold.

1990 Masterpieces in Silver Case


Composition: 92.5% Silver
Edge: Reeded
Weight: 11.49 grams
Size: 25.0 mm
Reverse: Stuart Devlin & Horst Hahne
Obverse: Raphael Maklouf