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Gold Half Sovereigns

1831 Royal Mint Proof

22 Carat Gold

When George IV died in 1831, the crown passed to William IIII.
William was the last King of Hanover and died in 1837 when the throne passed to his niece Victoria.
The reverse was designed by Jean Baptiste Merlen with an ornate rococo surrounding on a crowned and garnished shield. The obverse was crafted by William Wyon, from a bust designed by Sir Francis Chantry.

1831 Royal Mint William IV Proof Half Sovereign Reverse

1831 Royal Mint William IV Proof Half Sovereign Obverse

To prevent confusion between the sixpence and the half-sovereign, the half-sovereign's diameter was reduced slightly, although the weight remained unchanged. The new size may have been chosen as it could use the same master tools as the Maundy fourpence. The change proved unpopular with the public and in 1835 the size was once again increased to 19mm.



Composition: 91.67% Gold
8.33% Copper
Gold Content: 0.1177 oz
Edge: Plain
Weight: 3.991 grams
Size: 18.0 mm
Reverse: Jean Baptiste Merlen
Obverse: William Wyon
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