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Gold Half Sovereigns

1887 Royal Mint Proof

22 Carat Gold

1887 was the Jubilee year, marking Queen Victoria's 50th year on the throne and another obverse design was struck in conjunction with the soon to be redundant Young Head type.
Crafted by Sir Joseph Edgar Boehm, the portrait showed a Queen scowling with disapproval. Perhaps she was just concentrating as she appeared to be balancing the crown on her head.

1887 Royal Mint Proof Gold Half Sovereign Reverse

1887 Royal Mint Proof Gold Half Sovereign Obverse

This portrait drew much criticism. The Jubilee issue lasted until dis-continued in 1893, when the encroachment of time again made it necessary to alter the portrait of the aging Queen.



Composition: 91.67% Gold
8.33% Copper
Gold Content: 0.1177 oz
Edge: Reeded
Weight: 3.991 grams
Size: 19.0 mm
Reverse: Jean Baptiste Merlen
Obverse: Sir Joseph Edgar Boehm
Chard Gold Sovereigns Andrew Crellin of Sterling & Currency.

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