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Gold Sovereigns

1893 Royal Mint Gold Sovereign

22 Carat Gold

When Queen Victoria died of old age in 1901, an entire era died with her. During the sixty-four years of her reign, the social, cultural and economic landscape had transformed entirely.

1893 Royal Mint Gold Sovereign Reverse

1893 Royal Mint Gold Sovereign Obverse

Sir Thomas Brock’s popular Veiled Head portrait captures many of the values so closely attributed to Queen Victoria and her Australian citizens of the dawn of the 20th century – dignity, steadfast loyalty and sacrifice are all qualities that come to mind when viewing an Australian sovereign struck between 1893 and 1901. Victoria’s reign was the longest in the history of the British royal family, we can be certain that the memory of her beauty and character would have been kept alive for many years by the coins struck bearing her portrait.
The Veiled Head sovereigns set spans two centuries, nine years, four mints and includes twenty-nine coins. This convenient number of coins makes a complete set well within the reach of all collectors, even those working on a modest budget over an extended period of time.
When Victoria’a subjects compared the Veiled Head portrait with the Jubilee design that it replaced, they regarded it as a far more appropriate and flattering image of Her Majesty. Victoria’s indomitable spirit, her unyielding loyalty to family and country are clearly conveyed in this most attractive and popular portrait. The number of sovereigns produced during this period, as well as the manner in which they were produced means that the Veiled Head sovereign has unique strike and wear properties.
When collectors examine a sovereign with the Veiled Head obverse, there are a certain number of points which are examined closely for strike & wear.
  • The fringe between the base of the crown and the top of the veil;
  • The folds towards the back of Victoria’s head;
  • The leading edge of the veil above, behind and below the ear;
  • The Queen's shoulder;
  • The eyebrow running through her cheek to the top of her throat;
  • The pendant and pearls on her not inconsiderable bosum, these are the best indicator of a weak strike;
  • As always, the rims and fields;



Composition: 91.67% Gold
8.33% Copper
Gold Content: 0.2354 oz
Edge: Reeded
Weight: 7.9881 grams
Size: 21.5 mm
Reverse: Benedetto Pistrucci
Obverse: Sir Thomas Brock
Chard Gold Sovereigns Andrew Crellin of Sterling & Currency.

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