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Gold Sovereigns

1928 Pretoria Mint South Africa

22 Carat Gold

King George V saw his role as monarch as being to embody those qualities his far-flung subjects saw as their greatest strengths - diligence, dignity & duty.
Australian designer Bertram Mackennal obviously held these values in mind when casting his portrait.
1928 represents the last year that the "large head" design was issued, with only 3 mints producing sovereigns being the Melbourne, Perth and Pretoria branches of the Royal Mint. Of a total sovereign production in that year of roughly 20 million coins Pretoria was responsible for just over 90%.


The King George V "Large Head" obverse appeared on sovereigns during an era of change and turmoil. The effects of events as momentous as World War I and the Great Depression were felt for many decades to follow, influencing the rarity of many sovereigns.
The Large Head King George V portrait is seen on many of the rarest coins ever issued

When collectors examine a sovereign with the St George reverse, there are a certain number of points which are examined closely for strike & wear. From top to bottom, they are:
  • The crest of St George’s helmet;
  • St George’s chest, together with the strap & pin fastening his cloak;
  • The bridle as it crosses the horse’s neck;
  • The muscle separation in St George’s upper thigh;
  • The horse’s forequarters & rump;
  • The “bloodline” in the sword;
  • The upper band across St George’s boot;
  • The dragon’s torso below it’s neck.



Composition: 91.67% Gold
8.33% Copper
Gold Content: 0.2354 oz
Edge: Reeded
Weight: 7.9881 grams
Size: 21.5 mm
Reverse: Benedetto Pistrucci
Obverse: Edgar Bertram Mackennal
Chard Gold Sovereigns Andrew Crellin of Monetarium.

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