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Gold Half Sovereigns

1937 Royal Mint Proof

22 Carat Gold

George VI became King unexpectedly following the abdication of his brother, King Edward VIII, in 1936. A conscientious and dedicated man, he worked hard to adapt to the role into which he was suddenly thrown. Reserved by nature, and of deep religious belief, he was helped in his work by his wife. King George VI paid State Visits to France in 1938, and to Canada and the United States in 1939 becoming the first British monarch to enter the United States.
His dedication to duty during the Second World War, when he remained for most of the time at Buckingham Palace (the Palace was bombed nine times during the war), and when he and his wife visited severely bombed areas in the East End of London and elsewhere in the country, gained him great popularity.

1937 Royal Mint Proof Gold Half Sovereign Reverse

1937 Royal Mint Proof Gold Half Sovereign Obverse

The 4 Coin Gold set of 1937 was the only gold coins to carry George VI portrait. The set comprising the 5 , 2 Sovereign and Half sovereign was presented in a case into which the coins fitted rather snugly. All these coins were also plain edged, finding these coins without edge bruising can be a rather difficult task.



Composition: 91.67% Gold
8.33% Copper
Gold Content: 0.1177 oz
Edge: Plain
Weight: 3.991 grams
Size: 19.0 mm
Reverse: Benedetto Pistrucci
Obverse: Thomas Humphrey Paget
Chard Gold Sovereigns Kings and Queens of the United Kingdom.

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