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2003 Sydney Sovereign $10 Proof

A celebration of the 150th Anniversary of Sydney's first Gold Coin

The discovery of gold in the colony of New South Wales brought with it great economic benefits . Due to the great shortage of coins in the colony in the mid 1800s, the local colonial government requested a mint be established. In August 1853 approval was given for the establishment of the first branch of the Royal Mint outside of Britain. The patterns where produced to test designs that suitable for minting and were produced at the Royal Mint in England and with some very slight modifications became the designs used in 1855 when the Sydney Mint started production.
Only four pairs of both the 1853 Pattern Sovereigns exist, two pairs are held in the Royal Mint Museum, one pair is held in the British Museum and the remaining pair in the Quartermaster Collection in Australia.
The original dies were produced by James Wyon. His obverse design is an adaptation of William Wyon's "Young Head" design, whilst the reverse is completely different to previous Imperial Sovereign designs. It was uniquely Australian and departed from tradition in several ways. It showed both the denomination and where it was minted, something never done on Imperial sovereigns.


The standard image of Her Majesty appears on the obverse of the coin, but in a departure for the Mint, in a smaller format and in the upper section of the fine silver outer ring.
Modern technology has enabled the Mint to scan four uniface electrotype coins using state of the art technology. The reduction punch was then cut directly by the Mint’s recently acquired computer engraving machine. How technology has changed since that first die was made 150 years ago. The commemorative coin features the image of the obverse and reverse of the Sydney Mint Pattern struck on a gold plated silver centre, which is the exact diameter of the original Sydney Mint Pattern.
It is surrounded by a ring of pure silver. Overall this 60.50 grams pure silver proof coin is 50 mm in diameter. It is in fact the largest coin yet produced by the Mint.
The coin is housed in a beautiful presentation case and outer box cover, doing justice to this historical and prestigious issue. A numbered Certificate of Authenticity is included in a booklet giving the history of events that lead up to the striking of this coin. The Certificate of Authenticity is signed by the Controller, Ms. Vivienne Thom.


Composition: 99.99% Silver
Silver Content: 2.00 oz
Finish: Proof
Denomination: $10
Weight: 60.50 grams
Size: 50.0 mm