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Queen Victoria "Jubilee Head" Gold Sovereigns

1887 marked the 50th anniversary of Queen Victoria's accession to the throne. The aging Queen was now a 68 year old widow who had been depicted as a young teenager on sovereigns since 1838 and thus it was decided that a new portrait should be introduced. Crafted by Sir Joseph Edgar Boehm, the portrait showed a Queen scowling with disapproval. Perhaps she was just concentrating as she appeared to be balancing the crown on her head. This portrait drew much criticism, and only used the St George reverse, which incidently , had a ribbon introduced to St Georges head. The Jubilee issue lasted until continued until 1893, when the encroachment of time again made it nessesary to alter the portrait of the aging Queen.
The obverse depicts the bust of Queen Victoria facing left wearing a small crown, veiled with the ribbon and star of the Order of the Garter and the Victoria and Albert Order, the letters J.E.B. at the bottom of the bust
The reverse depicts St George mounted with a streamer flowing from his helmet, slaying the dragon with a sword. The date appears below the exergue line with the initials B.P. to the right, the mintmark ( if applicable ) appears in the centre of the exergue line directly above the date.

Queen Victoria
Jubilee Head

1887 - 1893
St George Reverse only.
Year London Sydney Melbourne
1887 Proof 797 Extremely Rare
1887 1,111,280 1,002,000 940,000
1888 2,777,424 2,187,000 2,830,612
1889 7,267,455 3,262,000 2,732,590
1890 6,529,887 2,808,000 2,473,537
1891 6,329,476 2,596,000 2,749,592
1892 7,104,720 2,837,000 3,488,750
1893 1,498,000 1,649,352