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Owl coin - 3 euro Austria, 2018

  Country: Austria

Denomination: 3 euro 

Release date: September 5, 2018

Series: Colorful Animals

Obverse: stylized images of 12 animals from the series

Reverse: a owl sitting on the stump

Mint: Austrian Mint 




3 euroCopper-nickel alloy16.00 g34.00 mm50 000special UNC



   Austria's collection coin with a face value of 3 euro "Owl" part of the series "Colorful Animals " was released on September 5, 2018. Minted in the Austrian mint with a circulation of 50,000 coins.

   On the reverse of the coin in color is a  owl sitting on the stump. Behind him, a tree depicts another owl waving its wings. In the lower part of the coin is the inscription "EULE" ("OWA"), and to the right of it is the year of issue "2018."

   The obverse is the same for the entire series and contains images of twelve animals, coins with which this series includes. Also on the obverse along the circumference is the name of the state "REPUBLIK ÖSTERREICH" and the face value "3 EURO" is indicated.


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