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Gold coin "Joseph Haydn" - 50 euro Austria, 2004

  Country: Austria

Denomination: 50 euro

Issue Date: March 20, 2004

Series: Great Composers

Obverse: Esterhazy Castle

Reverse: portrait of Joseph Haydn

Mint: Austrian Mint 

Design: Herbert Wahner



50 euroGold (986 samples)10.14 g22.00 mm50 000proof



   The collectible gold coin of Austria with a face value of 50 euro opens the series "Great Composers" and is dedicated to the Austrian composer Joseph Haydn. It was minted in the Austrian mint with a circulation of 50,000 coins and issued on March 20, 2004.

   The obverse of the golden coin of Austria depicts the castle of Esterhazy in the city of Eisenstadt, where Joseph Haydn lived and worked for a long time. Above the lock are notes and the inscription "SCHLOSS ESTERHAZY" ("ESTERHAZY LOCK") is inscribed. The year of issue of the 2004 coin is placed at the bottom, as well as the country's name "REPUBLIK ÖSTERREICH" is placed in a semicircle, and the denomination "50 EURO" is indicated on the right.

   The reverse of the coin depicts a portrait of Joseph Haydn, under which the composer's signature is located, and his name is inscribed on the edges - "JOSEPH HAYDN." The right part also indicates the years of life "1732-1809."



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