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Theodore Bilrot gold coin - 50 euro Austria, 2009

  Country: Austria

Denomination: 50 euro

Release Date: February 11, 2009

Series: Famous Doctors of Austria

Obverse: portrait of Theodore Bilrot

Reverse: image of Bilrot and his assistants during the operation, as well as the old Vienna general hospital 

Mint: Austrian Mint 

Design: Mag. Helmut Andexlinger, Herbert Wahner



50 euroGold (986 samples)10.14 g22.00 mm50 000proof



   The collectible gold coin of Austria "Theodor Bilrot" was issued on February 11, 2009 and is the third in the series "Famous Doctors of Austria." The coin is dedicated to the outstanding German surgeon and one of the founders of modern abdominal surgery, Theodor Bilrot. Minted in the Austrian mint with a circulation of 50,000 units.

   The obverse of the golden coin of Austria depicts a portrait of Theodore Bilrot, as well as the staff of Asclepius to his left. Nearby are the denomination of the 50 EURO coin and the year of issue of 2009. Above the image is the name of the surgeon "THEODOR BILLROTH" and the years of his life "1829-1894." Below is the name of the state "REPUBLIK ÖSTERREICH."

   The reverse of the coin depicts Theodore Bilrot with his assistants during the operation. Also on the left side of the reverse is the old Vienna general hospital, where the famous surgeon worked and taught. In the lower right corner is the inscription "DER BILLROTH'SCHE HÖRSAAL."



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