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Platinum coin 4 euro "Vienna Philharmonic"

  Country: Austria

Denomination: 4 euro

Release date : from May 31, 2017

Series: Vienna Philharmonic

Obverse: organ in the Golden Hall of the Vienna Philharmonic

Reverse: orchestral instruments

Mint: Austrian Mint 

Design: Thomas Pesendorfer



4 euroPlatinum (999.5 samples)1.24 g (1/25 ounce)13.00 mmUNC



In    2017, the Austrian Mint began issuing a new collector's coin with a face value of 4 euro from platinum. A coin weighing 1/25 of an ounce is part of the Vienna Philharmonic series and is made of platinum 999 samples.

   The obverse of the coin depicts an organ installed in the Golden Hall of the Vienna Philharmonic, over which the name of the state "REPUBLIK ÖSTERREICH" is inscribed in a semicircle. At the bottom of the coin is indicated its weight "1/25 UNZE" a sample of the metal "PLATINUM 999.5" as well as the year of issue and the face value "4 EURO."

   The reverse of the platinum Austrian "philharmonicer" of 4 euro depicts musical instruments used by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra: four violins, cello, horn, bassoon and harp. Above the image is the inscription "WIENER PHILHARMONIKER" and under it - "PLATINUM."


Circulation of platinum coins 4 euro series "Vienna Philharmonic":

20172 814
20184 100