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Silver coin "Accession to the Throne of King Philip" - 20 euro Belgium, 2013

  Country: Belgium

Denomination: 20 euro

Release Date: 2013

Obverse: portrait of King Philip of Belgium and his father Albert II

Reverse: stylized map of Europe

Mint: Mint  of Belgium

Design: Luc Luycx




20 euroSilver (925 samples)22.85 g37.00 mm proof



   Obverse: portrait of King Philip of Belgium and his father Albert II; the inscriptions "PHILIPPVS" and "ALBERTVS II"; date "21.7.2013"

   Reverse: stylized map of Europe; denomination "20 EURO"; year of coinage "2013"; the name of the state in the three official languages - "BELGIQUE - BELGIE - BELGIEN"



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