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Coin "90 years of comics" The Adventures of Tintin "" - 5 euro Belgium, 2019

  Country: Belgium

Denomination: 5 euro

Release Date: March 2019

Obverse: sitting at the fire Tintin and his dog Milu

Reverse: map of Europe

Mint : Royal Mint of the Netherlands

Design: Luc Luycx




5 euroCopper-nickel alloy  12,500 (6,250 in color)BU



   Obverse: Tintin and his dog Milu sitting at the bonfire; the inscription "SINCE 1929" and the copyright mark "© HERGÉ/ML"

   Reverse: map of Europe; denomination "5 EURO"; year of coinage "2019"; the name of the country in the three official languages "BELGIEN - BELGIQUE - BELGIE"