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Euro coins of Cyprus

    The euro has been the official currency of Cyprus since January 1, 2008. On the national side of the coins of Cyprus there is a muflon (denominations of €0.01, €0.02 and €0.05 cents), a Cyrenean ship (coins of €0.10, €0.20 and €0.50 cents) and a Pomos idol - an ancient sculpture from the Cypriot village of Pomos (coins of €1 and €2 euro).

   Cyprus issued four commemorative coins in denominations of 2 euro: the 10th anniversary of the Economic and Monetary Union (2009), the 10th anniversary of the euro in cash circulation (2012 ), the 30th anniversary of the European flag (2015) and in honor of the election of Paphos as the cultural capital of Europe in 2017.

   Cyprus also issued 12 collectible coins in denominations of 5 and 20 euro, among which there are both silver and gold coins.



Euro coins of Cyprus:

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