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Coin "Wolf" 2 euro Estonia

    The commemorative coin 2 euro of Estonia in 2021 is dedicated to the wolf, which was chosen in 2018 by the national animals of Estonia. The total circulation of anniversary coins amounted to 1 million units.

   On the obverse of the commemorative coin of Estonia is a howling wolf on the background of a spruce forest. Above the image is the name of the animal in Latin "CANIS LUPUS." On the left side of the obverse is the name of the country "EESTI" and on the right - the year of issue of the coin "2021."  12 stars of the European Union are placed around the circle.


2 euro

Outer part - copper-nickel alloy

Inside - nickel brass

8.5 g25.75 mm2.2 mm




List of Estonian euro commemorative coins

2012 - Series "10 years of cash circulation Euro"

2015 - Series "30 Years to the Flag of Europe"

2016 - 100 years since the birth of Paul Keres

2017 - Independence of Estonia

2018 - 100 years for the Baltic states

2018 - 100 years of Estonian independence

2019 - 150th anniversary of the Song Festival

2019 - 100th anniversary of the first Estonian-language university

2020 - 200 years since the discovery of Antarctica

2020 - 100th anniversary of the Tartu Peace Treaty

2021 - Finno-Ugric peoples