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Euro coins of Estonia

In     Estonia , euro were put into cash circulation on January 1, 2011. The design of Estonian euro coins was chosen by residents of the country by telephone voting. As a result, on the national side of coins of all denominations, it was decided to depict the contours of the modern borders of Estonia. Also on euro coins there is an inscription in Estonian "EESTI" (Estonia) and the year of issue of the coin is indicated. Due to the fact that Estonia does not have its own mint, regular coins are minted in the mints of Finland, the Netherlands and Lithuania.

In    2012, Estonia issued its first commemorative euro coin from the series "10 years of cash circulation of the euro." In total, by 2020, this country issued 8 commemorative coins with a face value of 2 euro.

   In addition, 17 euro collectible coins were issued in denominations from 7 to 100 €, both silver and gold.



Estonian euro coins:

Coins of Estonia regularly minted

Commemorative coins of the euro of Estonia

Estonian collectible coins

Circulation of Estonian euro coins